Joan-Sabas Pardo


Waiting for Godot or Surely Tomorrow

Waiting for Godot or Surely Tomorrow recreates a circular universe. Time, space and action are reflected in a plot that happens seamlessly. This universe is also, a playing space for boring clowns awaiting the saving arrival of a Deus ex Machina.

From synthesis processes, new appropriations or substitutions, Godot’s scenographic space is relocated in order to investigate how scenography can colonize new spaces for staging. In short, Surely Tomorrow attempts to answer the question if is possible scenography without stage.

joan-sabas pardo (b. 1960). Since 1982 he has worked regularly as scenographer. After to study Humanities and to deal his MFA he centred his interest in performance research and expanded scenography. Actually he is developing projects in the crossroads of performing arts, installation and site-specific. Latest works has been exhibited in WSD2013, PQ2015 and Instituto Cervantes in Prague (2015).